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Brand Design, Web Development, and what have you.

Creators of the
Turtleneck Club & Commodore Room, LS:N Global,,, and other select projects…


Special Machine & Co. acts as extension
of your organization

Concierge-Level service on a contractual basis

Core Competencies


In our small shop
exclusivity means focus

We spend our time working for our clients rather than chasing new projects.


How we picture
work & play

At Special Machine, work and play are often synonymous. We do this job because we love it. Money is rarely our only motivation.

A timely word

Proper planning in the earliest stages
of a project makes all the difference to

get it done!
Contact us for a quote.

Wait a minute…
but what does it co$t?

A base retainer begins at €600/month. This buys a “use or lose” 8 hours, or one full day’s attention, per month.

Fixed-scope projects can be quoted
at a fixed cost, but we will include padding.